About Bill

Who am I and what is this blog about?

Ralston 360 is a blog I have created to talk about my business and the wins and losses that I have had and face. I hope that the content is insightful and helpful for others as they visit, and my aim is to build a reader base that gets something out of the discussions here.

My name is Bill Biggs and I lived all over the world and have had the rare privilege to work with people who have shown me a lot of tips and business concepts. However, no matter how many tips that you get in life a lot of times it seems that business can still be pretty tough.

For years I traveled all over the East Coast, and my job before that required me to travel all of the world. I remember times waking up in hotels that I didn’t remember what city I was in. It was through all of these travels that I’ve put together a lot of thoughts on how to do business well.

This is my blog about those types of things. Traveling and meeting so many people and making deals in so many different places has led me to believe that we should not underestimate the value of culture and education in the process of executing business deals.